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The Talos Principle Guide

Game Guide Controls PC keyboard and mouse World A Introduction General tips A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 World B B1 B2 B3 B etc...

Release date: 2022-03-02

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Unmechanical Guide

Walkthrough Underground Pacemaker part 1: Map Tunnel 1 Pacemaker part 1: Map Tunnel 2 Mines Pacemaker part 2: Map T etc...

Release date: 2022-02-20

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Child Of Light Guide

Basics Combat Characters Potions Walkthrough Chapter 1 - The Girl and the Firefly Chapter 2 - The Queen of Light Ch etc...

Release date: 2022-02-02

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Mirror 2 Project X Guide

Ultimate Guide to All Endings (How to Get It) Last Ending Guide (Leave) Third Ending Guide (Releasing Leah) Second etc...

Release date: 2022-01-24

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Greak Memories Of Azur Guide

Best Tips for Beginners, Don't Forget Your Bow And Arrow, How to Defeat First Boss (Ryssar Odekt), Greak Memories o etc...

Release date: 2022-01-16

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Inside Guide

Advices, Walkthrough, Forest, Farm, City, Factory, Metro, flooded underground, artificial forest, Mine, Range / Bri etc...

Release date: 2020-07-08

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Escape Simulator Guide

Introduction, Tutorial, Labyrinth of Egypt, First Chamber, Chamber of Dead, Gold Chamber, Chamber of Danger, The to etc...

Release date: 2020-04-07

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Unpacking Guide

100% Full Achievement Guide, Solutions for Level 3-6, How to Reset Controls, Hardest Achievements In Unpacking And etc...

Release date: 2020-04-06

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Rime Guide

Game Guide, Chapter 1, Activation of the four figurines, Puzzles with the gates, Coliseum and the first key, Obtain etc...

Release date: 2020-03-09